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Dealing with the loss of her husband: Belinda’s story

Following the death of a beloved partner, it can be challenging to make important and potentially life-changing financial decisions. But when her husband passed away quite suddenly, Belinda found herself in a very frightening situation. The deceased estate divisions at the financial institutions she had to contact, were insensitive and it felt overwhelming.

Fortunately, Robert – a close family friend was there to guide her through it, and helped her seek expert financial advice from Treysta.

“When I looked at Treysta I saw they were quite different in the way they manage products – they’re very objective, and have a detailed and clearly structured investment management process. But more importantly for Belinda, they are very caring and sensitive people. I knew she would be comfortable with them. They’re exceptional with her. They explain things clearly and never rush her, they take care of her very simple requests, and they make her feel welcome.”

Behind the scenes, Robert and Treysta have discreetly worked together to ensure Belinda is well provided for. “They know there needs to be reasonable capital protection, so they’ve put together a portfolio that’s not too complicated for her, but is actually quite sophisticated technically. She has put her whole trust in them.”

Robert believes that combined financial and personal skills are essential for a successful financial planning business – and that’s where Treysta offer exceptional skills.

“I’m very confident with them, and I’m very impressed with their process,” says Robert. “It was very frightening for her, to suddenly have to deal with everything when they hadn’t really prepared for this possibility and there were no detailed records.”

Now, both Belinda and Robert know she has a secure income to live on, and a growing confidence that will help her move forward with the next stage of her life.

Note: Names have been changed to protect client privacy

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