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The Treysta FinLife Journey

It is no secret that we're likely to be happier and more successful if we spend time doing things we're passionate about. Treysta has the technology and know-how to incorporate the science of understanding what's most important to you into our financial life process. We spend the time to get to know exactly what your idealised life looks like through our FinLife Journey.

The objectives of the FinLife Journey are to:

  • Unlock the life you wish to lead
  • Understand where you are currently at
  • Power up your financial potential; and
  • Ensure you stay on course.

These objectives are achieved by running through our FinLife process which has the following 8 steps:

Take time to answer these key questions:

  1. What do you always make time for?
  2. When you're out with friends, what do you (personally) talk about?
  3. If someone walked into your home for the first time, what about it would be most reflective of you? (can be physical or environmental)
  4. What do you love to learn about most?
  5. Where are you at your most organised?

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