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Investment Philosophy

What's most important about our approach to developing investment strategies is that we ensure there is a tailored structure which delivers to the unique needs and goals of each client.

To achieve these bespoke investment strategies, Treysta Financial Life Managers utilise the specialist services of Australian investment manager, Implemented Portfolios Pty Ltd.

Implemented Portfolios offers management of a personalised portfolio of your investments – carefully constructed to meet your personal needs. Each client’s portfolio is managed by a team of investment professionals who monitor market conditions and work with your Treysta Financial Life Manager to determine how to best allocate your money across different asset classes.

Your portfolio is held under a structure known as an Individually Managed Accounts which offers you individual benefits that cannot be obtained under a managed fund.

Why managed portfolios and not managed funds?

You are treated individually at every level – tax, implementation, remodeling and we can manage any preferences you wish to make. This is your service not a product! Take a look at just some benefits of IMAs over managed funds, watch our video >

The key benefits are:

Individual tax optimisation

Control over where your money is invested delivers control over the income you receive, taxation components of the income you receive and capital gains you receive.

Transparency and liquidity

Clarity around investments and regular communications regarding portfolio management decisions promotes understanding of market movements and results in peace of mind.

Our use of ETFs means there is no fund to close or suspend. If you need to close your account with us you can move your holdings elsewhere and retain beneficial ownership. If you need to liquidate investments it is a simple case of accessing prevailing market prices to close out open positions.

Portfolio flexibility

The flexibility to accommodate your individual investment requests within the professionally managed investment program ensures your portfolio remains relevant to your individual investment objectives.

Responsive and accessible

A managed account eliminates the administrative burden typically associated with making proactive investment decisions, and you have access to view your portfolio online at all times.

Professional money management

Your portfolio is actively managed by a team of experienced and independent investment professionals who determine the appropriate asset allocation for each of the investment programs.

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