I’ve just received a divorce settlement and I want to understand my financial position.

Enya has just been through a very difficult period, culminating in a divorce and a financial settlement. While Enya used to run the day to day household budget it was her ex-husband Adrian that looked after the investment side of things.

Enya senses that her confidence has taken a knock and she feels that a big part of getting that confidence back is understanding where she stands financially. She considers this a block to her moving on with life.

She feels a reset is in order and so comes to see an adviser that a close friend, who had been through a similar situation, recommends. They talk through the following areas:

  • How can I begin to piece together the various elements of my finances in an easy to understand manner?
  • Has the financial settlement left me in a financially secure position?
  • I want to make great financial decisions and be financially confident. I’m looking forward to having that control, I often didn’t agree with my ex’s financial management. Can you help me create a framework for that?
  • I want to look at my work and life options and understand how my financial position influences my available choices.
  • I need to know that my basic financial housekeeping is well structured and in good order, can you help me review that?

Through education and empowerment, Enya feels able to start making financial decisions with greater confidence, while having her new adviser as a sounding board. Together they:

  • Go through Enya’s financial situation and relate it to her cost of living.
  • Create a clear understanding of Enya’s level of financial stability.
  • Develop a fresh strategy that is reflective of Enya’s preferences.
  • Provide Enya with the tools, knowledge and framework to make great financial decisions going forward.
  • Work on Enya’s financial confidence to give her the foundation she needs to move on with life in a positive manner.
  • Create a strategy to ensure Enya is supported as she considers new life choices.

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