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Recently divorced

Divorce is a difficult time for many people. Becoming independently responsible for your finances can make it even harder.

That’s why at Treysta, we take the time to understand your situation, and do our best to take the financial pressure off.

  • We help you achieve financial confidence, increase financial literacy and make sure you take control of your money.
  • We understand the non-financial issues associated with divorce
  • We help you deal with divorce financially and emotionally and create the conditions for a positive future.

Kerry’s Story

Confidence and control: financial management after divorce

Divorce can leave people feeling both emotionally and financially vulnerable. Women, in particular, sometimes find they need to make significant financial decisions without having had that experience to draw on in the past.

When Kerry first contacted Treysta, she wanted to make sure her divorce settlement would provide her with a secure income over the long term. But she was wary – she knew she had a significant amount to invest, and she had always let her husband make financial decisions in the past. Using his financial adviser was not an option, so after asking many trusted friends for advice she met with Treysta.

“I needed some guidance and advice, and I knew what I didn’t know – I felt very vulnerable. I really didn’t trust anybody, but when I first met with Tresyta I was looking for a connection, and I found that.”

Tresyta met with Kerry in her home in Canberra, where she felt more comfortable discussing the situation from her perspective.

“They certainly gave me the confidence that they could look after it for me, but they also helped me realise I needed to learn about it all, and that they would guide me through that too.”

She says they also understood she didn’t want to be rushed into any decisions, and that now, 12 months on, she feels much more in control of her future.

“I feel quite confident that I’m learning as I go along, I feel a lot more safe in that space – and that’s probably the biggest benefit to me. I can go online and see what’s happening, and I do that more regularly now.”

This confidence that she can take care of herself financially has seen Kerry make a significant decision – to quit her job and take some much-needed time out for herself. She says Treysta were very much a part of that decision.

“I don’t think I could have done it without them. It’s great having someone who really understands my situation and says ‘yes, you can do this’.”

“I think for women in particular, financial planning is a must. This is something I’ve now taught my daughter – having control and understanding of your own finances is really important. And if someone said to me, ‘I need a financial planner, who do you recommend’, I certainly would say talk to Treysta.”

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