We want to help you align your finances with your ideal destination to afford a better quality of living.

Treysta Wealth’s Aged Care solutions can offer you and your family greater choice, reduce stress, navigate the complexities and most importantly, enable you to afford quality Aged Care for yourself or a loved one.

We help you:

  • Understand the fees and how they can be affordable
  • Minimise aged care costs, maximise Centrelink and preserve your wealth
  • Structure your assets and estate, when entering Aged Care
  • Understand Centrelink and Aged Care forms

There are many benefits of having an Aged Care specialist guide you through this emotional journey, including:

  • Minimising Costs
    • We take the time to align your finances with your desired outcome
  • Avoid Expensive Mistakes
    • Costs related to Aged Care are significant, so mistakes can be costly
  • Reduced Stress and Decision-Making Fatigue
    • With expert guidance, you will have a clear, intentional plan that will leave you feeling prepared
  • Avoid Family Disputes
    • Working with an external, non-biased mediator like Treysta Wealth’s Aged Care specialist can minimise family disputes and ensure everyone’s wishes are heard and considered.

Let us take care of the financial stress, while you focus on settling your loved one into care.