I’m interested in a specific investment theme; how can I get access to that?

Katrina and Rachel were talking to friends at a dinner party, the subject drifted on to climate change and the environment. Rachel was pleased to tell her friends that she and Katrina had just installed solar panels to their home and was waxing lyrical about their performance and the clean and sustainable nature of the energy. Their friend Tom jokingly suggested they should buy shares in the company.

Katrina said that they’d actually love to invest money in renewable energy technology, but they didn’t know where to start. Rachel had done a little research online but while there was a lot of information it was hard to work out what might be the best option. Tom suggested making an appointment with his adviser at Treysta, he said they will be able help you:

  • understand what’s important to you from an investment perspective and make sure that your investments reflect those priorities.
  • navigate the choices you have regarding your chosen investment theme.
  • work through which investment products are likely to best match your needs.
  • understand your options inside or outside of super.
  • determine investment risk relative to your objectives.

After on-boarding as clients with Treysta both Katrina and Rachel have invested in companies engaged in the renewable energy industry. They chose to do this via Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) which have provided them with exposure to a basket of companies involved in a diversified range of renewable energy technologies.

This was perfect for Katrina and Rachel as they wanted to spread their investment risk across multiple technologies like; wind, solar, hydro and bioenergy. Rachel also decided to invest in electric vehicle technology using a similar methodology, but this didn’t interest Katrina. The investment service was able to adapt to each person’s preferences.

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