Sustainable Economic Recovery in a Climate Changed World, with a Climate Risk Expert

About This Conversation

Dr. Nick Wood and Mark Nagle discuss the window of opportunity that the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has presented to bring about systemic change as the world begins to recover.

In the 12 months of 2019/20 the world has seen extremes of what climate change looks like, which has resulted in an increase of traction from the financial sector to include climate intelligence in decision making.

The themes discussed are:

  • Our economic recovery post COVID-19, through a climate change lens – what future do we want?
  • Investment opportunities for a more resilient world
  • Developing climate intelligence in the financial sector

About Our Experts

Dr. Nick Wood is an Associate at Energetics and a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Group of the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub.

Over the last 18 years Nick has worked with leadership teams in global businesses and key decision makers in governments to understand and manage the risks and opportunities associated with both the physical risks of climate change and introduction of market-based mechanisms into national and regional economies.

Mark Nagle is Executive Director and Head of Advice at Treysta and is progressive within the advice world.

With over two decades of experience advising pre and post retirees, Mark engages his clients by getting to know what is truly important to them. His focus is on ensuring that every client’s experience goes beyond the standard conversations and delivers real value.