The Psychological Impact of Uncertainty and How to Navigate This, with a Social Psychologist

About This Conversation

The economical, social and physical impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic (and other events of 2020) have been widely reported on and discussed in the media, on social media and among friends.

However, there is a psychological impact of the events that Australia, and the world, have fought through over the 12+ months that aren’t as widely discussed or acknowledged.

There’s also some positives that the last year has had, bringing about opportunities for businesses and individuals, which we need to highlight and use as a basis for moving forward. So we learn from everything that’s happened.

Our Business Manager, Laura, caught up with one of our clients and friends, Bridgette Di Ferdinando, a social psychologist, to discuss this and how we can take the learnings from the past year into 2021 and beyond.

The areas discussed include:

  • How financial instability really affects us
  • How perceived threats can affect our decision making
  • Setting goals that you will actually achieve
  • Taking control of information overload
  • Creating good intentions

About Our Expert

Bridgette Di Ferdinando is a Social Psychologist with over 20 years experience in Business Transformation, HR strategy, Change Management, Leadership and Culture.

She uses evidence-based strategies to coach CEOs and C-level executives globally on how to close the People gap in strategy execution to innovate, change & lead their organisations.  Over the years she has provided Business Transformation & Human Resources leadership, advice and coaching to executives, managers, community leaders and communities worldwide.