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Academia interested in Treysta’s advice process

By March 14, 2018No Comments

Studying financial adviceWith a month of Monday afternoons spent in the business campus of University of Sydney, Financial Life Manager, Ray Jaramis, thought it only appropriate to share with you all what we have been working on.  Here is his latest update:

There is an academic curiosity to the financial services world, and specifically how the global best practice advice businesses have gone through a period of introspection to work out what it is that they do best.

The Treysta advice solution is seen as an apt opportunity to teach the future generation of business leaders enrolled in Masters of Commerce at the University of Sydney.  We show them how we have successfully articulated and built our business around helping clients have the best relationship possible they can with their financial lives to help allow them to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

The What?  

We are building an academic teaching case for the students to firstly learn some of the intricacies of the financial services industry, and then offer the students with some key planning options the executive team need to make with respect to future planning of the business. 

teaching case is a rich narrative in which individuals or groups must make a decision or solve a problem. 

With the business and the industry introduced to the students the merits of how we have successfully built a business around behavioural management. Vanguard, a global investment house released data on the value of behavioural management, and called it Adviser Alpha.

Adviser’s alpha refers to the added value that is demonstrated by the adviser’s ability to effectively act as a wealth manager, financial planner and behavioural coach – providing discipline and reason to clients who are often undisciplined and emotional – rather than by efforts to beat the market.

Somewhat warming, somewhat validating, it is lovely to see how the academic world is curious to understand our business and is helping to provide support quantifying the long term benefits of sound behavioural management beyond the traditional financial planning of yesteryear.  

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