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What do the best Architects and Treysta have in common?

By January 16, 2018No Comments

Architects have a sound understanding of the profound impact buildings and infrastructure design can have on our mood, health and ultimately – our lives.

Some go as far as saying: “it’s a good idea when looking at an apartment tower, bungalow, or a bridge to strike up a conversation with it. The Chrysler Building, Trump Tower your own home and the furniture in it – all of them are dying to have a little chat” as read in a New York Times book review of Alain de Bottons “The Architecture of Happiness”.

Good architects will incorporate their understanding of how design can impact well-being into their work, but were you aware that elite financial advisers view their work from the very same standpoint. As opposed to designing buildings or infrastructure of course we design financial strategies but they are founded in helping clients understand what is most important in their lives – like architecture we place high levels of importance on functionality. We promote every opportunity for our clients to spend their money on the things which will make them happy.

The Treysta advisory team recently watched a presentation entitled ‘Architecture for Wellbeing and Health’ by Koen Steemers at Cambridge University.

Steemers introduces the concept of 5-ways to well-being –  Here is the list along with how we at Treysta apply similar virtues in a financial context.

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