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Claire gets a different kind of “spar” treatment in Thailand

By February 7, 2018One Comment

Treysta’s Client Service Manager, Claire Stewart, got a great “kick” out of her recent holiday in Thailand to celebrate her birthday in January.

As many of you would know, Claire is a mad fitness fanatic and her chosen sport is boxing.  Recently she fulfilled a dream of travelling to Thailand to participate in traditional Thai kick boxing which is called Muay Thai.  Here’s Claire’s recount of her amazing adventure…

One of the things I had planned to do in 2017 was to book a trip to Phuket in Thailand with a group of friends to get fit and train in boxing which we all do back in Australia.  Once we got over to Thailand we were introduced to Muay Thai.  It was clearly apparent that Thai people love this sport and it is a very big part of their culture.  We were hooked as soon as we started.  It was an amazing experience to learn something new that they were all so passionate about.  We spent a lot of time getting to know the coaches of Muay Thai and see what their lives were like.  It is amazing to see that people that have so little material wealth can be the happiest and most friendly people. 

The trip wasn’t all training, we got to explore Phuket including seeing the Chalong Temple, watching a Muay Thai fight in an open air arena, walking through villages and speaking to some locals.  The beaches were amazing and we got the chance to have a day trip out to the beautiful Phi Phi islands where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. 

It was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to go back in September 2018 to see a lot more.  Here are a few of my holiday snaps…

My new Muay Thai friends

Heading to Phi Phi Island

Chalong Temple

Chalong Temple

One of the daily sunsets




One Comment

  • You should be a motivational speaker. That is an excellent reason to travel and your comments on how they are happy despite their material poverty is a grace you been able to see which speaks volumes for how we live our life in Western society. It seems the more we have materially, the unhappier we become. Simplicity seems to be lost. Well done and happy travelling again later this year. Thank you for your contribution about your interesting travels.

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