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Cultivating Future Generations: Interning with the Treysta Team

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Treysta Wealth Management was delighted to provide an internship opportunity to a recent university graduate, James Rattue who spent 6 weeks with the team to learn the applied aspect of his recently completed studies.

James Rattue1James Rattue

Age: 23                                    

Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Arts

UNSW ‘LEAD’ and ‘ACE’ Leadership Program Management Team (2014)

University of New South Wales

James’ Linkedin Profile


We interviewed James about his experiences during his time with us:

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I enjoyed the ability to actively work with the Advisers and being able to see the process of helping clients from the initial meeting, through to the strategy session, the presentation of the Statement of Advice and finally the implementation.

Can you tell us about some of the client experiences you had?

The great thing about interning with Treysta was that there wasn’t a typical client. I worked with the Advisers on strategies for young clients looking to purchase their first home, others that were preparing for retirement and some that required advice on multiple asset classes in Australia and around the world. It was interesting to see the scope at which the Advisers were able to deal with such a large array of situations.

What did you learn that you weren’t expecting to?

I learnt that whilst the Advisers at Treysta have the knowledge to help clients in all kinds of financial situations through their education and experience, they see that their greater value is in the personal relationship with the client. I listened to many discussions where the Adviser discussed how to best meet their financial objectives rather than simply aiming for the highest return on their assets and taking undue risk with their assets.

What’s next?

Through the valuable relationships that I forged while working with Treysta I successfully secured a second internship at their affiliate company, Implemented Portfolios. This will allow me to gain a broader understanding of the investment-side of the financial services industry for when I begin looking for graduate positions in the following weeks.

James was a pleasure to have in the office and we have no doubt that his learnings at Treysta will provide him with a valuable platform as he officially enters the industry in 2015.  

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