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Happy Halloween from our Treysta Baby

By October 31, 2017No Comments

Trick or treatTreysta’s baby, little Remi Horton (daughter of Danielle Horton) is all ready for trick or treating this afternoon.

This photo made us think about the ever-increasing popularity of Halloween in Australia.

Australians will spend scary amounts this Halloween as retailers cash in on the spooky celebration to drive spending in the soft-spot between the football finals and Christmas.

What was once considered a completely American tradition is fast becoming an annual event for many Australian households and it’s not just kids taking advantage of the scary, pagan imagery to binge on sweet treats.  Retailers are cashing in big time.

Unfortunately, some people (like me) still think this tradition should remain in America and I will be making sure the sprinkler is on in the front garden this evening 😉

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