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How close to your money are you?

By August 5, 2015April 28th, 2020No Comments

Today the Treysta Wealth Management clients had another of their regular opportunities to meet the investment team behind the scenes (or screens!) who look after the ongoing management of their portfolios.


The event started with investors hearing from the nationally acclaimed Implemented Portfolios Chief Investment Officer, Jon Reilly who started off with what any outsider listening would have considered –a rather unusual quote from Wall Street Journal columnist, The Intelligent Investor – Jason Zweig.


“I was once asked, at a journalism conference, how I defined my job. I said: My job is to write the exact same thing between 50 and 100 times a year in such a way that neither my editors nor my readers will ever think I am repeating myself.”


GraphThis resonates with us and our clients on many levels. The investment team here have an unshakable investment philosophy which continues to be validated whilst most of the industry continues to run around analysing the funds management league tables in the paper in search for the next best active fund manager.

We also had the pleasure of listening to the eloquent and charismatic author of The Pain Report, Jonathan Pain – you may have seen him interviewed on CNBC recently.

To quote Jonathan in a favourite soundbite of his “Beware the prism through which you view the world”. Jonathan has this wonderful ability to put things into context as he takes the audience on a whirlwind economic tour around the world.

“the digital age gives us a greater degree of transparency and connectively like never before and the decades ahead will see an era of prosperity, enlightenment and opportunity that very few are predicting” Jonathan Pain


Treysta and our investment service provider Implemented Portfolios take pride in keeping our clients much closer to their money through transparency and communication. The investment philosophy and the managed account structure allow us to communicate with our clients at a detailed and relevant level. This approach creates high levels of confidence in terms of how their money is being managed.

If you would like to attend future events, regardless of whether you are a client of Treysta or not, please contact us on or 02 9241 2575.

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