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It’s a Two Way Street

By July 10, 2015April 28th, 2020No Comments

By Mark Nagle

We are genuine about wanting to improve our business and we actively create the conditions to allow it to occur.

Over the years we’ve witnessed advisers attend hundreds of conferences, the well-chosen ones often deliver terrific content. The advisers consistently come away with great ideas and a strong sense that they need to go back and make some positive changes to their business. They rarely if ever do. And then they repeat the exercise, so what stops them from acting? Lethargy and self-doubt would be a strong summary.

More than half of the financial services businesses in Australia showed no signs of innovative activity according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data released in 2013.treysta_info

So what sets Treysta apart, how does it innovate so effortlessly relative to its peers?

We create confidence by spending time with global best practice businesses so that we know what we’re aiming for. Most recently this culminated in an invitation to participate in what this giant US Advisory Business calls “Adviser Boot Camp” in Dallas, Texas.  There were no 6am starts or push ups just four very intense days of learning around what a globally leading, forward thinking advice business should look like.

I was the first non-US person to go through this process and it was simply the best professional learning experience in my 15 year career.

The content was fresh and innovative and there were clearly ideas that we could utilise to further enhance the service we provide to you, our clients. The changes are operational so will be primarily behind the scenes but they are significant. Change management is a challenge for businesses, staff can often be resistant but we have a talented group of people here that trust the decisions of the leadership team. We work through making changes quickly and efficiently and with absolute confidence in the end result.

Does this mean I discovered the Americans do everything better, no certainly not! It’s a two-way street. The greatest success by far was the sense of endorsement I felt for the philosophy we have adopted to ensure our business is delivering our clients thought leading Financial Life Management.

When you know what great looks like it’s easier to recognise it and measure how close you are to it.

The US firm I spent time with is made up of many practices from all around the United States, they are different in size and operational models but eac
h aspires to move closer to the “Utopian Structure” set down by the parent. Knowing what they’re shooting for and understanding the success it has delivered their clients is central to the drive and appetite for change management within those businesses.

In many aspects the Treysta business is ahead of the game relative to many aspiring US practices, as a client of our firm you can be assured that we will always seek and then deliver improvement. To give a modern analogy you’ll always have a sense that you have the latest iPhone and you don’t even have to queue overnight to get it.


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