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Mark Nagle shares insights at industry event XY Social

By April 6, 2017No Comments


Mark Nagle XYRay Jaramis, our Financial Life Manager, is a founding member of XY Adviser, a community of forward-thinking financial services professionals  who through a culture of learning and sharing are transforming the industry into the future.

XY Adviser get together each week for webinars and once a quarter get together in person for XY Socials – evenings of food, drink and of course sharing of valuable insights. For the first event in 2017, Mark Nagle, Treysta’s Executive Director, was invited to be part of a panel of 3 industry leaders exploring the theme ‘Beyond the Statement of Advice’.

Mark spoke to the community about how at Treysta we continually seek to add value beyond the financial plan (or Statement of Advice). It is a testament to our innovative approach that the Treysta team is intrinsically involved in helping transform the industry as a whole.


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