My company has recently been restructured. I’ve been offered stock options but what does that mean for me?

Tom is an Employee of an Australian Tech company which has recently been bought out by an International business. As a senior member of the team Tom has been given the opportunity to participate in the company’s share options scheme as part of his remuneration package. Tom has no previous experience with this type of scheme, it seems complex and he is being asked to sign a new contract. He engages Treysta to help him:

  • Understand the share options scheme
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the scheme
  • Understand the tax implications for me personally
  • Decide on the best ownership structure for the shares that vest to me (personal, family trust or other)

Often overseas companies do not provide information relevant to the local tax jurisdiction, not understanding the tax repercussions around company share/option schemes can be costly. By engaging with Treysta, Tom was able to participate in his company’s option scheme with confidence that he fully understood the scheme and participation in it was in his best interest. He is also aware of the tax consequences when his options are granted and when the shares vest to him in the future.

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