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Ray Jaramis wins Newcomer of the Year Award at IFA Awards 2016

By August 16, 2016April 28th, 2020No Comments

On Friday 12th August, we ​are proud to announce that ​our youngest adviser ​Ray Jaramis won Newcomer of the Year Award at the 2016 IFA Awards.

Shopping_Cart___EventPixThis award recognises Australia’s top new advisers, considering not only the delivery of best practice advice but also the aptitude and acumen to build a solid advice business and client proposition. As well as these key skills, the award recognises their potential as a future industry leader.

This award is evidence that ​our unique advice proposition attracts, develops and produces the most exciting young talent in Australia. Ray has been an integral part of Treysta’s team since 2013; his thirst for knowledge, willingness to innovate and enthusiasm for the industry is a natural fit with Treysta.

One of the aspects that sets ​us apart is our determination to innovate. We are continually and actively on a path to learn and grow. We’ve conducted a number of study tours in the US, attended by Ray, to learn about global best practices. The end goal is always to understand and implement how we can best serve our clients.

Ray is an innovator and not afraid to carve a new path. Instead of pursuing the obvious financial industry certification, Ray, in consultation and with support from us, embarked on a psychology degree. Why? For the simple reason that ​we believe good financial advisers work with their clients to understand their emotional dynamic and behavioural biases in financial decision making and this isn’t taught in traditional courses. Ray, like​ ​all our advisers, go​es​ beyond the money management aspect of our clients​’​ lives to provide a more holistic financial life management approach.

A pioneer in many avenues, Ray is one of the founding members of XY Adviser, a dynamic and progressive group of young advisers determined to raise the standards of financial advice.

We are incredibly proud of Ray, in the past three years he has proven to be a true ambassador of Treysta and an integral and high performing member of our advice team. Ray is clear about our clients “why” and provides values based advice that is centred on creating more fulfilling lives, not one that is solely investment centric.

Congratulations Ray!

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