A specialist loan requires experienced hands.

Treysta Wealth SMSF loan brokers find SMSF loan rates that the major banks don’t offer as its mainly small lenders competing in this market. For standard home loans, there is only a small difference in interest rates however, for SMSF loans, there is a much larger difference and it requires a skilled SMSF loan broker to find the loan rates suited for you.

An SMSF is security for your retirement, and adding debt by borrowing money against your SMSF is not a decision that should not be made lightly. We recommend you seek financial and legal advice before applying for a SMSF to weigh up both advantages and disadvantages.

There are several key criteria a SMSF must meet to be eligible for a super fund loan:

  • There must be sufficient income in the SMSF trust to support the loan
  • The SMSF must be able to service the loan through rental income, super contributions, and other superannuation fund income. Typically, banks and lenders will look at current income for the SMSF based on the previous tax returns of the last two years to assess if that income and the proposed rental income will be able to service the loan.
  • Before approving the loan, lenders will seek confirmation from the SMSF trustee to ensure the loan arrangement is in line with the overall SMSF investment strategy.
  • Establish a trust structure that is required for a SMSF loan compliant with current superannuation laws.