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Treysta team are en-pointe with the “Giving” key to happiness

By March 14, 2018No Comments
The Treysta team have signed up for the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon in May of this year and we look to raise funds for charity as part of our marathon preparation.  We are doing this in our efforts to live the “GIVING” key to happiness which is our focus for the month of March.  See our article for more information about our 10-part series on What Really Makes us Happy.
As you might know, the team spends a large amount of time and effort focused on helping our clients live a life which is true to themselves, and we guide their financial decisions towards what is most important to them and their families.

Giving is often an interesting one for us to discuss with our clients. Often people associate the Give value with traditional experiences of giving such as the giving presents or for offering to pay for dinner with friends.

We think it can be more than that by giving to a good cause, and at the same time as doing what we can to stay fit and healthy (which is another key to happiness – but more about that in the coming months)!

The SMH Half Marathon is a distance of 21.1 km. The start is located on College Street, adjacent to St Mary’s Cathedral and the finish line is at Hyde Park North.

But we need your help to achieve our goal

We would be delighted to hear from you about a charitable cause that is important to you so that we can endeavour to include it in our journey. Please let us know your preference in the comments below this article.

This time last year Ray Jaramis completed a charity bike ride in Queenstown in the name of ‘Bikes for Life’, an Australian charity who build bikes for those in regional areas of Australia.

Ray’s recalls this experience by sharing:

“I can honestly say whilst it was a small contribution to the cause, it was a really important experience for me in my life, and I can’t wait to get involved in something similar again!”

See GIVING really does make you happy!

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