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The World Cup may be over, but the Treysta boys are still kicking goals

By August 5, 2018No Comments

Mark with his team (which includes two of his sons) at St Michaels have just clinched a promotion to the Kuring-Gai District Premier League.

The team at Treysta continue to “walk the talk” when it comes to ensuring they make life decisions that will enhance their wellbeing.  Mark Nagle, Adam Drinkwater and Ray Jaramis are all experiencing success on the soccer field.

Having hung up his football playing boots Mark is trying his hand at coaching, working with a St. Michaels all age men’s team in which two of his sons play.

It could be beginners luck, not to mention an extremely talented group of players, but the team has just been promoted to the Kuring-Gai District Premier League, the first time the St. Michaels club has been represented by an all age men’s team in the top division in their 18 year history.

Mark will also be going through the FFA C Licence training course during the summer in readiness for next season.


Adam and Ray won their division this year playing for North Sydney United.

Additionally, Adam and Ray play in a team together for North Sydney United… and they just WON their division!  Well done fellas, fantastic effort!

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