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Activate A Growth Mindset Using One Simple Word

After the challenges of 2020, it’s important to have a tool that reduces anxiety around decision-making and helps us develop a growth mindset. Surprisingly, the tool is a small but powerful word that can transform our thinking.

One small word 

Friend of Treysta, Bridgette Di Ferdinando is a Social Psychologist who works with individuals and corporate teams wishing to activate good habits and develop a growth mindset. One of the tools she recommends is a small but powerful word. When used in our thoughts and conversations, it has the power to remove anxiety around decision-making. It also empowers us to develop a growth mindset.

Given the challenges and uncertainties of 2020, a tool that reduces fear and stress so we can move forward with confidence is something many people are searching for.

So what is this powerful tool? It’s the word “yet”.

How to use it

As we covered in a recent article the unpredictable nature of 2020 has weighed heavily on our minds. Our brains are geared towards fairness, equity, and certainty. However, we’ve been living through uncertain and inequitable times.

When challenged in this way, it can be difficult to make informed and rational decisions. In fact, our decision-making processes are more likely to be founded on fear and anxiety. As a result, we can feel paralysed in our decision-making when it comes to medium or long-term plans.

That’s where the word “yet” can help. As Bridgette explains, “We don’t know what will happen but the way we can get clearer with ourselves is by acknowledging ‘I don’t have the answers YET, but I will find them’.”

By including the word “yet”, we’re acknowledging we have the power to learn and discover the answers we need. In turn, this generates a growth mindset that will set us on a course of life-long learning.

According to Bridgette, “A growth mindset is very important for things like financial planning and managing our future with the resources we have. It also helps us get through clearly uncertain times.

When we keep things simple”, Bridgette said, “We’re more likely to behave in a way that is without anxiety and without threat. So the use of a simple word like ‘yet’, can help us manage our mindset and start activating good habits around things like our finances, productivity and health.”

Hear more of what Bridgette has to say on this via a short video on our Instagram page.

Overcoming financial anxiety

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