Superannuation is likely to be the largest asset you will own, so it is worthwhile paying attention to it. 

Your super is the simplest way for you to save while you are working, giving you a head start in making sure you can have a comfortable retirement.

But, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it pays to be organised with your super.

Important questions to ask yourself on superannuation:

  • Is your insurance right for you?
  • Are you planning for the future?
  • Are you invested in a legacy product?
  • Would you like a say in the asset allocation of your investment?
  • Are you making the most of your non-concessional and concessional contribution caps?

Money Moments

Some of life’s biggest moments start with a simple question.
Here are some examples of how we’ve helped clients to answer them.


To alleviate potential financial stressors, expert advice is certainly recommended when it comes to planning your superannuation. A financial advisor can create a tailored plan for your changing needs and circumstances. They will also ensure you maximise your retirement income by recommending different investment mixes within your portfolio, along with your voluntary contribution options. Rather than navigating the complex process alone, we have a knowledgeable team of wealth management advisors at Treysa Wealth who can provide you with superannuation advice in Sydney, Australia.
Whether you need help investing in property, shares or you’re seeking advice on what will provide you with the best return over a certain period, we have a qualified team who can assist with whatever you need. We work on behalf of our clients with a long-term commitment to financial security, so you can retire comfortably. Get in contact with our team online today for financial planner superannuation advice.
You can access and withdraw your super when you turn 65, reach preservation age or retire. You can also access your account while still working under the transition to retirement rule. If you have any questions about the process or need superannuation advice, get in contact with our financial advisors online today.