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Ways to Make this Financial Year Simple

By June 11, 2021No Comments

With the current financial year coming to a close, social psychologist, client and friend of Treysta, Bridgette Di Ferdinando, encourages us to make the new financial year one of simplicity.

When things are simpler, we are less likely to experience anxiety, especially if we can acknowledge that we don’t know what’s going to happen – yet. Bridgette says, “It’s essential we foster a growth mindset to help us cope with future uncertainty and future planning. That includes financial planning”.

Setting Goals In Times of Uncertainty

As we’re approaching the end of the current financial year and planning for the next, Bridgette offers advice for setting goals we can confidently achieve.

  1. Start by moving away from long-term planning. Instead, plan on a monthly or even quarterly basis as this will improve our ability to achieve those goals and increase clarity.
  2. Be realistic when setting goals and consider the expectations these goals are placing on ourselves and others to complete them.
  3. Set fewer goals for the coming year. Aim for 3. By reducing the number of goals we set, we are increasing our ability to complete all of them.
  4. Set goals that are essential – not exhaustive, as this will help us focus on what’s important and achievable.
  5. Finally, Bridgette tells us to set shared goals. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that goals that are shared and completed together can be achieved in significantly less time.

Hear more of what Bridgette has to say on this topic via a short video on our Instagram page. Or watch and listen to the entire conversation between Bridgette and Laura here.

Help to simplify your important financial decisions

Your Treysta adviser is here to guide you towards achieving the lifestyle you desire by improving the way you utilise your resources. If one of your goals for the coming financial year is to improve your financial wellbeing, get in touch with Treysta.

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