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Is it Time to Change The Way You Set Goals?

By September 14, 2021No Comments

There is no denying the last 18 months or more have been challenging. From the floods and fires to COVID-19, life as we know it has been turned upside down. The uncertainty of not knowing what’s coming next can hamper our ability to create and achieve our goals, and our approach to goal setting. So, why set any?

Changing perspective

Social Psychologist and Treysta client, Bridgette Di Ferdinando doesn’t suggest we stop making new goals. Instead, she suggests a change in perspective around how we plan and achieve our goals.

She starts by encouraging us to make this financial year, the year of simplicity. Why? Because when we know things are simpler, we’re more likely to behave in a way that reduces our anxiety. This is a crucial mindset change for financial planning, future planning and coping with future uncertainty.

Here are Bridgette’s 5 tips for setting goals in uncertain times.

  1. Be realistic

Bridgette suggests we start by looking at the timeframes we’re working with. It’s pretty common for businesses and individuals to set relatively long-term goals. But with the current uncertainty, Bridgette suggests we use shorter timeframes. She explains that trying to set a goal for 12-months’ time can lead to an increase in anxiety because we just don’t know what’s coming next.

Instead, Bridgette recommends setting weekly, monthly and quarterly goals for now. She also suggests being realistic when setting new goals while still retaining a little stretch. This approach will help to increase your certainty and reduce your anxiety while still keeping you on the path to achieving your longer term goals.

  1. Review your expectations

When reviewing your goals, think about the expectations these goals will set for yourself or others. Remember, putting yourself under pressure can also negatively impact the people closest to you – both at home and at work.

  1. Use implementation intentions

Goals and habits go hand in hand. In fact, there’s growing research that demonstrates Habits need to be activated in order for you to achieve your goals. To do this, we use a simple tool called Implementation Intentions. In other words, we need to add context or a trigger to our intentions to increase our chances of success. For example; “when X happens, I’ll do Y”.

  1. Less is more

When goal setting, we can be quite ambitious about what we want to achieve which in turn, can be quite exhausting. Bridgette encourages us to go simpler by picking 3 goals instead of many and to think of the essential rather than the exhaustive.

  1. Create shared goals

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that shared goals and collaboration work extremely well to attain outcomes in a dramatically reduced timeline.

Hear more of what Bridgette has to say on goal setting via a short video clip on our Instagram page or listen to the entire conversation here.

Setting achievable goals

Creating goals that make sense in uncertain times is possible – especially with a helping hand. At Treysta, we’re here to help you plan your finances and your future. If you’re ready to start, get in touch by calling 02 9241 2575 or email us at

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